About Us

The Fab Host™️ is an online store dedicated to offer a variety of carefully selected dinnerware, glassware and home essentials that any Fabulous Host needs in their home and personal events.
Our mission is to be the ideal destination for every natural host at heart, who loves to entertain friends and family on a regular basis. Our clients look for elegant, classic and durable pieces that will look beautiful without losing its practicality. Pieces that will be unique to their style and will make them feel like the Fabulous Hosts they are.
Why my store? Because it's why I do, what I've always done... With more that 12 years in the Hospitality Industry, my specialty is social events and elegant weddings, but more than that, because its my passion.  I had the privilege of been born into a big family...seriously big!  Family gatherings at least once a week are normal in my life. Having all the party essentials at hand, makes it easy, fun and unique.  
Looking forward to meet you and help you be a Fab Host!